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the website of none other than the ATROCIOUS RAT

some stuff about ME specifically

  • you can call me Charlotte or Lottie
  • my pronouns are she/her, i will not take issue though if you forget and use they/them
  • 22 years old
  • my fursona is a rat
  • i like funny animals
  • i use arch linux and like weird computer and software things
  • i like lots of various video games, my favorites of all time are Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Quake, American Truck Simulator, HyperRogue, Bugsnax, and many more
  • i have autism and adhd please be extremely patient with me :(

oh yeah BEFORE you INTERACT or whatever

  • if you are racist, ableist (hatred towards physically and mentally disabled folks), anti-lgbt+, nb-phobic, nazi, into pedo/zoo/incest real or fictional, "anti-anti/pro-shipper", or so much as tolerate any of those i hate you go away bye
  • also cryptocurrency/nft weirdos just dont interact
  • i do not want to engage with discourse. do not approach me about it. sorry. i will however lay out my boundaries below, just keep in mind i do not want to argue about these.
  • dont go near me if you are transmed, or otherwise believe dysphoria is a requirement to be trans
  • i had previously said hurtful things about bi/pan lesbians which i now regret and now try my best to support them. this goes for any harmless label with good intentions. i am also tired of the discourse anyway so dont bother asking me about it. if you are unaware or have no real opinion about the label then don't worry about it
  • i keep both my own accounts and my feeds clear of any nsfw content, excusing the occasional joking nsfw text as long as its not too uncomfortable. i may unfollow if im following and you regularly post or share content bordering on uncomfortably softcore nsfw territory, or anything more nsfw than that.

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