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Welcome to the


the website of none other than the ATROCIOUS RAT

here is a button for ME you can use

atrocious rat alert!!! hello

some stuff about ME specifically

  • you can call me Charlotte or Lottie
  • my pronouns are she/her, i will not take issue though if you forget and use they/them
  • 20 years old
  • my fursona is a rat
  • i like funny animals
  • i use arch linux and like weird computer and software things
  • this webpage's style is loosely based on my personal window manager theme as of August 14, 2020
  • i like lots of various video games, my favorites of all time are Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Quake
  • i have autism and adhd please be extremely patient with me :(

oh yeah BEFORE you INTERACT or whatever

  • if you are racist, ableist (hatred towards physically and mentally disabled folks), anti-lgbt+, nb-phobic, nazi, into pedo/zoo/incest real or fictional, "anti-anti/pro-shipper", or so much as tolerate any of those i hate you go away bye
  • dont go near me if you are transmed, or otherwise believe dysphoria is a requirement to be trans. i have minor dysphoria but i want to look out for other trans folks
  • i had previously said hurtful things about bi/pan lesbians which i now regret and now try my best to support them, i am also tired of the discourse anyway so dont bother asking me about it unless you are a b/p lesbian i had blocked who would like to be unblocked
  • if that wasnt clear yes i support bi, pan, he/him, nonbinary, etc lesbians, and i do not want to argue about this even if we are friends who disagree
  • i run chain blocks on large accounts run by chuds in extreme cases, if you are a friend of mine and you have been blocked by mistake as a result please let me know!!!
  • that said, if i block you specifically and you post a screenshot of me blocking you as if you won i will laugh because that is funny to me

i think this font (Lato) is nice that is what you are looking at right now also apparently the creator is super leftist and condemns bigots who use it which is extremely cool and badass

flat eric belongs to quentin dupieux that is his small and little boy and the photo is from this music video